The Republican Party.  A terrible thing to do to an elephant.


10 Things
Republicans Deliberately Sowed a Financial Crisis
Koch Brothers buy a Candidate
Paul Ryan - Do nothing
Paul Ryan - Randian Poseur
What Romney Got Wrong
Paul Ryan Blunders
Paul Ryan on Gays
Ryan Voodo
Sing it Mitt
Ryan and Gays
Republicans Think Voters Should Not Be Able To Choose
Romney Firing People
Coulter Goes Wild
Romney Tax Good for Rich
Buying a Justice Department
Pell Grants
Republican translation
Mitt - Grow some balls


10 Things Paul Ryan Doesn't Want You to Know

See Mitt in the BIG debate

Romney Tax Plan

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  Republicans and National Security

Ryan Told 24 Myths In 40 Minutes (not a record)

Don't forget who got us here

          Why are Republicans against sodomy?  They do it to America everyday

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